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  1. Hi AMitabh…i saw ur pics nd they r beautiful…can u plz let me know the complete address of Nivati Beach Resort as i am planning to visit there..plz help me on this..thanks..

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you so much for the pictures of old kolkata. I love the old bonedi bari architecture of kolkata and always wanted people to know about them. Kolkata is like a living history museum. Your blog on” Byomkesh wss here” is fantastic. Often wondered where these buildings are. Its a shame that such heritage buildings of Kolkata will be in ruins without care one day because of our negligence as Calcuttans. Once again thanks immensely for the pictures.

      • Good to know that you liked them Madam….yes..many of the heritage mansions are in shambles….but many of them are in better condition thanks to serials and movies being shot there.

        For example, in the blog on Byomkesh, the interiors of the first location Dhurjati Dham has recently received a faceover courtesy a film director.

      • Am looking forward to lots more pictures of old calcutta heritage buildings from you. Absolutely love them. Regarding the face lift of dhurjati dham, lets hope that the film director chooses a better colour which is in keeping with the aura of the palace.

      • Many more episodes of Etv Bangla’s (Now Colours Bangla) Byomkesh Serial has been shot at Dhurjati Dham.

        Check this link to view the Facelift of Dhurjati Dham
        (Check 08:25 to 11:44 )

      • Sir,
        You remind me of Utpal Dutta’s charachter in “Agantuk”. If all bengalis loved our city and heritage buildings as much as you then Senate hall and many other palaces would still be standing proud in kolkata!!
        Can I request you to tell me where is the house where etv bangla byomkesh lives located? It is beautifully maintained and very eye catching.

  2. Hi Mr. Gupta, your photographs are so lively & mervellous.
    We are planning to go sandakphu, phalut, gorkhey & Sirikhola. If you know
    pls. provide the private hotels contact. in above places. It will be helpful for us.
    We 14 members in group including 6 female members.
    Anirban Sengupta, Uttarpara, 9831289891.

  3. hi amitabha sir… i am great fan of photography. i want to learn photography from you. can you plz tell me what are the courses that will have to do to make this as my career. i am studing in class 11 now. If you plz acept me as your student, I will be very thankfull to you. SAIKAT GOSWAMI.

    • Not any lodge in particular. Local buses are available, although in less numbers. But Auto rickshaws ( Tuktuks) are available aplenty. They give more flexibility to your beach hopping.

  4. Dear Sir,
    First of all, leMe, and 4 other friends of mine would like to go to Tumling. If you please let me know the best nearby places to visit within 4 days.

    Thanks & regards

  5. Hi Mr.Gupta,my family of 6 is planning for going joypur forest, bankura . kindly can you help me by providing hotel contacts. waiting for your reply.

    • Not advisable. Plus I do not think you will get permit to trek there at that time.

      In winters best time to trek to Goecha la is first two weeks of November…. preferably first week.

  6. Hello Mr Gupta, i found the Chilapata, Mendabari tour very interesting. can you please provide me information that If i want to visit then what is the easyest way to reach there and information about lodgging as well.

      • Hi Amitabha
        Booked myself in Chilapata at end of December by taking clues from your blog. However, it would be great if you have any contact number for the Mendabari Lodge or the caretaker / manager of the place itself. Need to check out a few things before I move. Do you have contact of any person there itself ? Please let me know if possible.

        You can mail me also at

        Thank you.
        Anirban Roy Chowdhury

  7. Hi Amitabha,

    I really liked your pictures and the way you described the trips. We[ Nearly 10] are planing to visit Nivati beach. Could you please provide the information for homestay there.

  8. mr.amitabha i have just viewed your pictures relating to trek of dzongri-gochala trek. can you tell me how could i go there.. dat means does any travel companies arrange this trek?
    my email id is please response.

    • I think you better go through the content of my blog instead of only viewing the photographs.

      I have mentioned very clearly with which tour operator I went with. At the end of the blog under “Trekking Tips” I have given the contact details also.

  9. Hi Amitabh,

    Its so nice to go through your blog and these place from a different perspective. Hope you guide us through many such places in future…

    Disha Pandya

  10. Hi Amitabh,

    Its so nice to go through your blog and see these place from a different perspective. Hope you guide us through many such places in future…

    Disha Pandya

  11. I live in Bolpur. I am student of Archaeology. I have interest in photography. It is a good job. Hope, in future you will give us same pleasure through your writing. Thank you very much.

  12. Dear Mr. Gupta,
    Can you please tell me the location of the Beldanga Gajan and its date and time? That would be a great help for me. I want to visit the event on that date.

  13. Dear Amitabha Gupta, I discovered your photos through Flickr when I was feeling nostalgic one day and searching for photos of Kolkata and then came to your blog. I have been fascinated with old Calcutta and its old families and feel very drawn to the crumbling mansions. I grew up in a very traditional and old neighborhood of Calcutta and your pictures and descriptions of the old families and Durga Pujas brought back beautiful memories. You have done an extraordinary job in chronicling the tales and history of old and new Calcutta. I still have a lot to read in your blog. Just wanted to thank you now. And I wish you could turn in your blogs and photos on Calcutta into a book. I will be very happy to have such a book!

    • Get me a publisher who will be willing to publish a book on this topic (Bonedi Barir Durgapuja), which has been covered in prominent newspapers and is available for free in the internet 🙂 . There has been a small Bengali book published on this.

      Basically, I wrote this post on Bonedi Barir Durgapuja to help the masses to locate these houses. They have been highlighted in Newspapers and TV Channel where strangely the reporters never give the addresses. The reason is unknown.

      So , I just did their unfinished work – that’s all !

  14. Hello,
    I am Jigar Bavishi from Ahmedabad.Planning to visit sikkim during 26 to 31 6 nights enough?we are 4 family members.good driver contact detail if any? Anything special to take for the trip and yes pl tell me unexplored places of reply.thank you sir.

  15. Dear Mr. Gupta,
    I have been going through your blogs,
    Your ideas, your hobbies, travelling passion
    All this are very much interesting

    I didn’t visited your blogs before
    But for my sickness had to stay in rest. So surfing your blogs is the best way to spend time
    & make me addicted too.

    Now i visit frequently 🙂

  16. Darun Lagche Apnar lekha guli pore…Satti osadharan…Ar Lekhara sathe Chobi gulio Onoborto. Jodi kono vabe apnake songo dite pari nije ke Dhonno mone korbo…

  17. Dear Mr. Gupta,
    I browse your blog and find so many info. to add about the festivals you told, location or direction. Basically it is required more addition in the festivals of Bankura district.
    In this matter I may help you more as a villager of Bankura.
    Frequently I will browse this site in future. Thank you to create like this site/Blog.
    Chinmoy Chakraborty
    (Mob. 8599006051)
    Vill + PO – Layekbandh,
    Dist – Bankura
    PIN – 722 157 (WB)

  18. Sir him April 18 KO lachung ,lachen yumthang aur gurudongmor lake jayenge kya 2yrs boy waha ja sakta hai kya wo lachung ke hotel mein reha sakta hai agar gurudongmor aur zero point nahi gaya to,kya aur koi option hai jaise gurudongmor lake jakar baby KO jeep mein hi rakhe uski mummy ke saath,please reply me my email is

  19. ami kathakali goswami, amar gajon samparke apnar lekhata bhalo laglo. aro kichu info chai. ki bhabe pabo? ami face book e achi.

  20. Hi Amitabha,

    Thank you for the detailed blog!

    I’m looking for the contact for Shikar Lodge in Tumling.
    I found the number of Mr.Keshav, but the number seems to be switched off for almost a week!

    Appreciate if you could help!

  21. Hi Amitabha,

    Came across your blog while looking for information regarding Goecha La trek. Your piece of blog is mindblowing and the pictures taken are equally awesome. Simply Hats Off to you Sir!!

    We are a group of 4 people (friends in previous company) who have been to Sandakphu (2010), VOF and Hemkunt Sahib (2012) and Phalut (2014). This year we are planning for Goecha La.

    We are looking forward to get the near similar experience you had in 2013 as described in your blog.

    1. Planning is from 19-28 November 2016. Is it a good time.
    2. We are planning to do it on our own. What are the current charges of Guide, porter, cook and Yaks.
    3. Is it advisable to hire and carry tents and sleeping bags from Kolkata or Yuksom ones will be cheaper.

    Looking forward to your reply and many more discussions in near future.

    Best regards,
    Ehtesham Raghib

  22. Thanks very much Amitabha for your quick response. Will get in touch with Indranil and try to find out the options. For dates, all of us are working in ITES industry and will get an extended holiday during Thanksgiving Day of US. However, will try to work out with friends on dates. Thanks again.

  23. Mr Gupta, I am really spellbound to come across such a wanderlust! Your meticulous details really helped me a lot… recently I have visited Dhanyakuria. I was also going through the heritage buildings of Kolkata. I am looking forward to visit the heritage buildings of Kolkata one day. Can you please help me with a list? It would be great to get suggestions and assistance from you… Historical buildings and places attract me more than anything. Thank you in advance.

  24. Hi Amitabha,
    I am planning to tour North sikkim and Gantok without missing any place due to snowfall/bad weather. Can you please suggest what will be the best time to visit the valley.I have dropped you a mail with details.
    Please suggest. Many thanks in advance.

  25. Dear Amitabha,
    its simply awesome…I liked it very much.. Your address pincode also attracted me…me originated from the same code..patuatola Lane…I have few Face book groups on travel..’ week end tours from Kolkata”, Beyond weekend, beyond boundary” and ‘ Go Bengal”…. Shall be very happy if you become a member of those groups and sometimes make your valuable contribution. I am crossed sixty six but have some wild ideas and dreams… best wishes to you..

  26. bonedi barir puja gulo dekhe khuub bhalo laaglo . aamader o ekti parbarik puja anek din dhore chole aashche. aamader podobi Bosu, aami bibaho sutre ei paribarer sodosya. aami eti ke Bosuporibarer Pujo bolei akhya diyechi. Ei bosuporibarer puja shuru hoyechilo desh bhager anek aagei Bangladesher Faridpur e. Anek ghat protighat paar hoye aamder ei puja aamra chalachhi.

  27. Dear sir we want to stay at Mendabari Lourist Lodge in the month of October,2016 with my 5 friends i.e. total 6 heads and want to book 4 bedded dormitory room. Please give some information whether it will be possible to accommodate in the 4 bedded room for 6 persons..

  28. Dear Amitabha I have read your post. I live in Dooars, Alipurduar. I want to start a travel blog on Dooars Tourist Spot. Please tell me step by step how can I start this.

    • Dear Alakesh,

      Starting a Travel blog is very easy. Continuing it is difficult. Open a free WordPress account and start writing blogpost. Better if you write the blogpost in word file and then paste it in your post. Use relevant photos within the text. Give proper tags, so that search engines can locate you easily.

      Write on offbeat locations. If you are writing about common locations, give it an unusual angle, introduce some anecdotes.

      Blogging is very easy and relaxing unless you go for the rat race for increasing Alexa rankings and followers. That gives a pseudo feeling of being a celebrity, when in reality you remain more or less the same.


      Amitabha Gupta

  29. Hie… I read your Konkan-odyssey… beautiful… I am from Devgad… I like you covered part of deserted and very secret small beach behind windmill area… one thing to tell u that…. There is path available to walk from kunkeshwar to Taramumbari it took same time that auto took…. but one advantage of walking is you cross one big beach where star fish found…
    Your photographs are beautiful..

  30. Dear Mr Gupta, Suddenly I had a chance to see your blog and photos, really impressive. It is sad that we, Bengalees, do not respect and save our heritage, the way westerners do. Please keep us posted with more information of our valuable
    past and heritage. Congratulations and keep it up. Regards,

  31. Greetings Mr. Amitabha. This is the first time I went through your blog, and I found it very interesting. Specially the framing and quality of the photographs and the way of narrating your experiences are mesmerizing. I really appreciate.

    I’m not that much a travel person like you but I used to travel a bit on my Motorcycle( sorry i prefer calling it motorcycle rather than bike) and of course with my Camera. I also used to run a group of Motorcycle enthusiasts called ‘Ride In Peace Bikers’.

    If possible then please share your whatsapp no. or just ping me on whatsapp (My no. 8777867721) so that I can gather some information or suggestions of places from you.

    Regards Kaustav Kr. Sinha

  32. Dear Mr. Amitabha Gupta,

    Warm greetings!! This mail refers to the captioned subject.

    I just wanted to thank you profusely for your article / blog ” Trekking to Goecha La in the “Sahib Style”. The reason being – We trekked all the way to Goecha La recently and I read your blog a few times before commencing on our trek. The information on your blog was of immense help in more ways than one.


    Warm regards,
    Anoop Bhattacharya
    Siliguir, India

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