Gongoni – The (Grand) Canyon of Bengal

Wide angle View of Gongoni

Wide angle View of Gongoni

Whenever the word “Canyon” is used about a destination in India, the first name which pops into mind is that of the hill station of Mahabaleswar. Yet, in the most unusual place in India lies a full-fledged gorge which at first look resembles a miniature version of Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA.

Welcome to the “Grand Canyon” of West Bengal – Gongoni. Located in the small town of Garbeta, this fascinating wide gorge of red soil stands on the banks of river Silabati. Locally known as “Gongoni Danga” or “Gongoni Khola”, the gorge is a handiwork of Mother Nature through years of soil erosion coupled with some assistance from the river. The water body flows through the gorge during monsoon.

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