About Myself

There are some moments in life when you take a decision which can change your entire lifestyle. Such a moment came in my life when I quit my secure and well-paying job of a Brand Manager in a reputed organization and decided to try something which I have been dreaming of since childhood. I decided to become a travel photographer as well as a travelogue writer. I took Brand Consultancy side by side which would give me sustenance as well the freedom to travel at will.

From June 2009 to June 2010 I undertook five treks in Uttarakhand and Eastern Himalayas. Traveling without the pressure of office was fun. In December 2009 I stayed for 21 days at Konkan coast, staying at fisherman’s village, discovering virgin and unknown beaches and eating delicious Malvani food. All of a sudden, I was discovering a new meaning of life. Being a  bachelor helped me. My parents were well accustomed to my whims, so there was no objection to my career change.

The story started from 2009 and is steadily moving forward. I am continuing my Brand Consultancy in tandem with photography assignments. Sometimes I take short term consultancy assignments with different organizations. I am not yet sure whether I will return to a full-time job. It depends on the opportunity.

I have restricted my assignments to travel based works with an occasional shift to interiors and product photography.  Till now the run has been satisfying for me with quite a few assignments and publication till date. There is nothing better choosing a profession which is actually your passion.


  1. superlike for your blog…took a bird’s eye view…bindute sindhur saadh; will go thru’ each one of them gradually. Got 2 say , very proud of you

  2. Absolutely delighted to find your site. Loved the article on Palace Town and pictures. I will try include it in my next trip.. Not sure where you are based, will you come along?


  4. I love your blog and flow of your words. Simple and communicating.
    When I am in Kolkata we will meet and I would want some inspiration to do what I want to do.

    • Thakbo….tobe aar Kolkatar Bonedi barir upor natun kichu add korchi na apatato… jodi na kono bari nije theke request koren. Borong onno jela gulo Bonedi bari jawar icche aache…. dekhi ki hoe….

  5. Hello, i would love to meet you, even i love travelling & explore new places specialy the water falls.
    I am a nature lover i feel very spiritual when i visit such kind of beautiful water falls.
    I belobgs to belgaum, karnataka, i must wants to visit amboli falls but no one is there for company, the falls is quite near from my home town belgaum. I feel so sad just because of no company i still not visited God’s beautiful creation amboli falls.
    Anyways if you visit karnataka then definately i will meet.
    Thank you for sharing amazing pics of amboli falls & spots over there.
    Take care….

  6. great.. its a tough but great decision. May be some day I will be resourceful enough to do the same.. All the best to you.. Keep fuelling our curiosities till then.. 🙂

  7. HI Amitabha,
    We are planning Goecha La trek this September. Your travelogue has made it even more interesting to go on this trek. Request your suggestion on fitness, does and dont’s considering post monsoon trek that we are planning. Would be great to hear from you at srivaniraman@gmail.com.

  8. Very crisp & informative write up about the place and excellent photographs, wud to love to get. A little bit of details regarding how to reach those place, would be more helpful. Thanks.

  9. I am truly fascinated with your decision and your love for travel and photography.I am almost on the way to follow your footsteps and on verge of quitting my 9-5 job to start a venture in offbeat and responsible tourism.
    I would like to connect with you and would love if you could guide me in setting this up.

  10. I love your posts ..now going through similar dicy situation whether to leave my well paid job and start photography . Your story inspired me. Do you have instabor Fb page.

  11. Anekdin por abar tomar lekha gulo porlam….chobi gulo dekhlam……mmmmm maybe after 3/4 years !!…..God Bless….and have nice life ahead..!!

  12. I recently visited Kishkindha, the main purpose being to see and follow the footsteps of Shriram. so glad to read your blog . I am working on a website Ram Yatra and recently I also did Ayodhya to Janakpur circuit , on the footsteps followed by Shriram along with Rishi Vishwamitra . would like to take your help for the website which is in initial stage of construction.

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