How Social Media is Promoting Offbeat Travel Destinations in India

A Travel Destination is boosted by its Social Media Presence
A Travel Destination is boosted by its Social Media Presence

I have always maintained this opinion that whenever you are looking for a travel destination which has all amenities that your heart desire, be careful that you are actually running from one crowd to another. The more facility a place provides, chances are you will get more crowds there.

However, the latest craze in the tourism sector in India is visiting off-beat destinations rather than the popular one. There were always a few takers preferring unknown hamlets, but in recent times, the numbers have increased. What more interesting is apart from backpackers and couples, tourists with all family members are opting for such places. There was a time when information of lesser known travel destinations used to spread mainly through word of mouth. Families rarely opted to such destinations because they had no clear idea about the amenities available at  these places. After all, word of mouth from one or two travelers could not paint a clear cut picture of these destinations.

In recent times, the same old school of the word of mouth is playing a big role in promoting offbeat destinations in India. Today word of mouth literally does not mean only “words” only. It means lots of other things. That is where social media is playing a big role.

Let us consider the steps involved in a holiday tour. Other than booking hotels, reserving train/flight tickets, packing and unpacking, there is one common thing that majority of the travelers, tourists and backpackers do mandatorily. They announce the details of their trip continuously in social media. So the “word of mouth” does remain mere ‘words’ anymore. All one has to do is to carry a Smartphone and the “word of mouth” transforms into Instagram photographs, Facebook posts, live tweets, WhatsApp messages, and various other channels of social media. Suddenly the unknown tourist destination becomes known to a huge chunk of mass in one instant, sometimes faster than the traditional mode of advertisement.

Home Stays based destinations are gaining popularity mainly through social media
Home Stays based destinations are gaining popularity mainly through social media

Among the latest travel destinations in India, there are many places with home stay accommodations facility. In fact, many destinations have been built around home stay accommodations. They are a better option than hotels to many travelers because of their informal atmosphere. At many places, one gets to taste local homemade cuisines. Many  times the guests have their host’s kitchen at their disposal. Food is hygienic as many of these homestays indulge in organic farming to give the food its natural taste. Staying at such places one suddenly realizes that lazing in a serene atmosphere is also a major part of a holiday besides getting busy in sightseeing.

A breed of travelers is growing in numbers who love to visit such places where there are exactly no “tourist spots”, but where one can just unwind and relax. When it comes to promoting such place, having a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and in some cases even a LinkedIn account are some of the first things which come to the mind of these new entrants in the hospitality industry. Just building an online presence with the help of a website or listing in portals like Tripadvisor is not considered sufficient. In this scenario, a newspaper ad is considered to be a frivolity. A tourist would prefer to check out the Facebook page of a home stay to see whether it is happening enough besides checking Tripadvisor to check out its ratings. Once a visitor is satisfied with the stay, the “word of mouth” takes the route of social media and a thousand of travelers and tourists are informed in no time. In the age of social media, you can hardly keep a destination secret.

In many homestays, the residents indulge in organic farming
In many homestays, the residents indulge in organic farming

In Eastern India, North Bengal and Sikkim have come up with the maximum number of destinations built up around home stays. Leaving aside the popular destinations of Darjeeling, Mirik, Kurseong, Kalimpong or even LepchaJagat tourists from West Bengal are opting for places which nobody had heard even 10 years ago. Even five years ago how many tourists have visited places like Takdah, Ramdhura or Lamahatta? Similarly, in Sikkim popular tourist destinations like Gangtok and Pelling are considered to be overcrowded. Tourists are instead opting for homestays in East Sikkim “Silk Route” trail or Rinchenpong and Okhrey in West Sikkim.

In homestays , tourists often have their food in the kitchen of the owners
In homestays, tourists often have their food in the kitchen of the owners

Uttarakhand is the paradise for tourist lovers. While no love is lost for the ever popular Binsar, Kausani and Munsiyari, powered by social media coming up quickly on the tourism map are offbeat hamlets like Kuflon, Peora and Jhaltola. Most of such destinations are small villages with homestays run by family members in British style bungalows. In the world where social media prevails, nothing remains secret. The photographs and details are shared with numerous in a matter of time.

Similarly, little-known hamlets from Tirthan valley, Janjheli and Barot in Himachal Pradesh to truly virgin beaches of Konkan in Maharastra like Bhogve, Khavna or Nivati are getting known to sojourn seeking travelers over the years. Another important role played to promote such destinations is Youtube. The other day I was observing a hyper lapse and time-lapse video on a homestay at Tirthan Valley, which virtually put me at that place. I could literally feel walking on the grass, gazing at the wooden walls of the cottage as the mellow sun rays were caressing my skin. It felt like a virtual world.

Uttarakhand has many hidden hamlets which are getting more popular thanks to Social Media
Uttarakhand has many hidden hamlets which are getting more popular thanks to Social Media

Among the unending mediums of social media, another important aspect and perhaps one of the major aspects of social media to promote travel destinations is travel blogs. While you read travel blogs written by serious travel bloggers, you instantly become an expert in knowledge about a particular destination. This is why it is ultimately important to go into details while writing a blog about a particular destination, especially when describing offbeat destinations. Travelers many  times check facts with travel bloggers before embarking on a journey to a travel destination. Travel agents many a time take a back seat when today’s smart Traveler check and double check their itinerary, armed with information gathered from ‘renowned’ travel bloggers.

Nivati beach at Konkan is a popular place for sojourn seekers weekend destination
Nivati beach at Konkan is a popular place for sojourn seekers weekend destination

Indian Tourism industry is also catching up with the importance of social media in promoting travel destinations. To promote a particular place young travel entrepreneurs along with the State Tourism has been arranging Familiarization (FAM) tours for the Travel bloggers. Promoting a travel destination through the blogs of popular travel bloggers is fast becoming some sort of mandatory promotional activity.

There is a common belief with some tourists that making a destination popular though social media has a negative aspect of overcrowding these destinations. However, I beg to differ here. Maybe the number of tourists looking for offbeat destination has increased, but they will always remain much smaller in comparison to the facility loving and variety avoiding tourist crowd.

In this decade, the role of Social Media as a promotional tool is more or less permanent. For promoting any uprising Travel destination, it is important that it has a social media presence. Otherwise, it is considered that particular travel destination simply does not exist.



  1. I would have never known the names Kuflon, Peora and Jhaltola had I notread your blog post. Very aptly said, social media is creating a buzz for such offbeat destinations. You tube played guide to me for my visit to Jodhpur through which I came to know of the smallest shops operating since 50 years and the correct routes to the royal palace. Home stay is also picking up well. Want to experience it soon. A very detailed blog post this was. Keep it up.

  2. Yes, people do wish to spend time in offbeat destinations. One of the reason could be that city life has become hectic, noisy and no peace.

    • LinkedIn has a totally different audience than Facebook or Twitter ( at least till now). When you post the photographs, link to your blogs in LinkedIn or write a post in pulse, other than individuals it often gets noticed by Tour operators. They promote these places as exclusive gateways to Niche clients. Also some of these are promoted to corporate as venue for outbound training programme.

    • 1. Kuflon is just 11kms beyond the main town of Uttarkashi . There is an excellent homestay named “Kulflon Basics” there.

      2. Peora is 28 km of Almora, about 78 km from Kathgodam. Great views of Nanda Devi & Trishul can be seen from here. For staying the Dak Bungalow is the best choice.

      3. Jhaltola is near to Patal Bhuabneswar and Chaukori. It is 172 km from Kathgodam. From here you get an eastern view of the Panchachulis and a panoramic 140 degree view of the entire Himalayan range with the Trishul, Nandadevi and other peaks. Lodging option is at The Misty Mountains.

      Remember, these are home stays and not luxurious resorts, mainly for people who wants to unwind and loves peace.

      • Thanks Amitabha for the wonderful blog. Yes these offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand are truly mesmerising. Peora is one of those.Dak bungalow & Veselka cottage Home stay are good options for staying.

  3. Any information on homestay facilities in the plains ? e.g. near sea-shores, river-sides,heritage -rich localities ?
    OR from where can one get such info ?

    • I have already mentioned in my post about home stays at Konkan beaches, try searching the net with keywords “Homestays in Nivati beach, Bhogve beach”…. There is a very good homestay tooat Parule village which is bit inland besides Karli river…..also you can find lovely homestays near Tarkarli beach….

      In West Bengal , you can try out home stays near Bolpur like “Aaro Aakash” or “Monchasa” near Henria at East Medinipur.

      Then there is the pioneering “Bhalophaar” at Bandwan block of Purulia District. The resorts at Boronti , Purulia are of homestay pattern too…

  4. a fresh take on a topic which remains often on the periphery. Insightful and can even take off as a sounding board for people in the travel business.

  5. Yes peora in Uttarakhand is a small sleepy Hamlet & a serene place to be at. Approachable from mukteshwar. Small beautiful Home stays are there like Veselka cottage Homestay and Dak bungalow.Visit there to feel the real village life with serenity.

  6. Hi,I wish to visit Sandakfu in early October by Land Rover, from Manebhanjan.. We shall be a group of 6.Can U pl. provide me with the contact details for booking at Tonglu and Sandakfu. We wish to halt the first night at Tonglu and then stay at Sandakfu for 1/2 nights.On our return we may visit Darjeeling. Your suggestions in this regard is solicited.Thanks,Debojit Bose

  7. While it’s a good trend on one hand, what i find funny is that majority of bloggers/ solo travelers/ backpackers…(various terms used to define themselves) are busy in promoting themselves on social media. They have some thumb rules like 3 tweets per hour, 4 instagram pictures in a day and so on! coming across some new place which hasn’t been promoted on social network is like hitting a gold mine! If they are so pre-occupied with promoting themselves I don’t know if that’s traveling at all! while we all understand the importance of social media, it should not take away essence of travel! Just my views….

    • Agree with your views to some extent. However there are many bloggers who genuinely promote travel destinations. Yes use of social media with constraint for promoting a place needs some skill.

      • I agree with you Amitabha. There are many bloggers who are actually travelers first and bloggers later. I’m friends with many of them. They certainly stand apart from other; easier to spot. I was referring to the other types.

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